About Us

Milestone Global Consultants (Milestone) is a corporate training firm assisting organizations with their staff development and training needs. We discovered that organizations were facing difficulties in staff not being able to meet customer’s expectations, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate effectively while leading others.

The Milestone team are experts in various fields. They are qualified to at least a degree level or higher with extensive global experience. As a result, the Milestone team feels passionate and committed to helping people and organizations achieve their goals. Milestone’s team prides itself on being able to accurately uncover the reasons behind many work-place issues and offer practical and cost effective training solutions. This is only possible through a genuine interest in partnering with our clients and looking at how we can add value throughout the organization.

Due to its training expertise Milestone has developed its own unique customized approach, which is designed exclusively to meet the needs of our clients, driven by international best practice business standards. The training courses are never the same. The Milestone training system can be arranged either as a workshop or spread out into individual classes. All training courses can be offered in English or Chinese.