Corporate Retreats

Let us help plan your next corporate retreat. Whether it is a half day, full day or more, we can customize a retreat to fit your needs. Getting your team together into a fun and interactive environment will release their creativity as they open up and share ideas. Our experienced trainers will work with you to build a successful retreat to match the goals of your company.

  • Bring key leaders together to build trust and synergy
  • Create greater alignment among team members
  • Rebuild communication within your teams
  • Inspiring your group to accept change that is good for the company
  • Growing personally to be part of high performance teams
  • Developing new strategies for managing stress in the workplace

How to Plan a Retreatplanning a corporate retreat with milestone consulting group

  • Include the right people in your retreat. Don’t exclude key members.
  • Specify clear goals for the retreat and stick to a focused agenda.
  • Schedule the time for different activities and ways of learning.
  • Notify participants ahead of time the goal of the retreat and any preparation they need to do.
  • Keep an action list on hand to track commitments, responsible parties and deadlines.
  • Plan for a post – retreat meeting for follow up and feedback.
  • Use a retreat facilitator to help plan the logistics or provide the training component of the retreat.