Leadership Coaching

Coaching has been identified as one of the core skill sets required for effective leadership and leadership development.  Most western companies require upcoming leaders to be coached as a part of their development process.  As well, more and more top executives are seeking out coaching to help them stay at the top of their game.

Whether you desire to add coaching skills to your leadership repertoire, or you desire to provide outside coaching to enhance your existing management skills, or you want assistance for coaching your next generation of managers and leaders, Milestone can help you.

Milestone uses a proven coaching methodology to develop executives and managers into the managers leaders they want to be. We have a growing list of international corporations that turn to us for coaching expertise.

Milestone has the added ability to provide Emotional Intelligence coaching.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been shown to be the single most important factor in an individual’s or organization’s success.  Moreover, there is one test that is identified as being the standard in EI testing.  That test is the ACL.  Milestone has an exclusive contract to be the sole distributor of the ACL test in China.  Our consultants have been trained in the States, by some of the top experts in EI today.  We can bring this expertise to you and your organization.

We have experience using the ACL to facilitate individual leader growth, team development, cultural change, and talent selection. This test is an invaluable resource to any company that’s ready to take their human assets to the next level.

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