Management Training Program

Effective Management Training Series

Who will benefit from this program?

Supervisors, team leaders, junior managers will benefit from this program. Experienced supervisors will also find the program useful for keeping their leadership and management skills up to date.

Expected Results

Participants will develop practical skills in three core competency areas that are essential to managing and leading others. The program will be organized into three areas of development: Managing yourself, managing others and managing operations.

Participants will develop an individual action plan, including feedback for ongoing development and maintenance of skills. Performance aids, including a variety of useful checklists and models, offer another way to ensure that skills are applied on‐the‐job.

Three-Month Milestone Management Training Series Overview:

This 3-month management training program will fill your toolbox with management skills that will pave the way to your future success.

After the program, trainees will be able to:


1. Managing yourself

Identifying your leadership style

Take a proven assessment tool to help you identify and utilize your unique leadership style while identifying areas of growth.

  • Learn your new role, expectations and responsibilities as a manager/leader
  • Define the difference between management and leadership
  • Key competencies to succeed

Mindset for success

Are you ready to succeed? Find out the secrets to successful thinking to help you manage and lead your team.

  • Develop SMART goals
  • Set high standards
  • Lead by example– personal skills for managers

Working with others to ensure success

Develop a basic understanding of your team and what makes them tick.  We will uncover our values, strengths and limitations

  • Define personal values
  • Work with different working styles
  • Learn the four personality styles

Managing time and reduce stress

Learn how to prioritize your work and know how to manage conflicting priorities.

  • Assign work and delegating tasks
  • Identify key result areas
  • Talk yourself into less stress

2. Managing others

Building high performance teams

Learn how to get all of the members in your team working together effectively and to exceed all targets that are asked of you.

  • Set clear team goals
  • Develop commitment and cooperation
  • Manage under-performers

Leading & motivating others

Discover how  the best managers use recognition to engage, retain and accelerate performance.

  • Engage others for results
  • Look for the ‘BEST’ in people
  • Create a culture of recognition


The power of coaching

Learn different models of coaching and how to give positive and constructive feedback.

  • Asking vs. telling
  • Guide others to follow your lead
  • Measurement and accountability

Managing conflict

Develop a protocol for confronting difficult issues while ensuring a win-win solution.

  • Strategies and styles in resolving conflict and negotiating
  • Diffuse hostile employees
  • Deal with poor performance

3. Managing operations

Developing, managing & monitoring operational plans

Learn how to develop strategic goals and plans to ensure effective and efficient business operations.

  • Link organization’s values, vision and mission to operational plans
  • Monitoring and measuring success

Introducing & managing change

Discover how to lead people through change while maintaining trust, goodwill and cooperation.

  • Introduce change and create a common vision that defines change
  • Address people’s concerns
  • Help people through change

Managing for ever-improving quality & customer service

Examine how you and your team deliver quality to its customers and to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Find out what your customers really need and want
  • Welcome and deal with complaints
  • Establish STAR measures of success

Solving problems & making decisions

Develop confidence in your problem solving skills and recommend decisions to bosses.

  • The principles of problem-solving
  • Barrier analysis
  • Overcome the fear of taking risks