Meeting Facilitation

Have you ever wanted to know how to conduct a great meeting so that everyone walks away excited about what was accomplished and is in agreement about the decisions made? The key to a great meeting is a skilled facilitator. It is someone who keeps participants on track and ensures that the desired goals of the meeting are accomplished.

Can you have a meeting without a facilitator? Sure, meetings happen all the time without them. But the problems of meeting without a facilitator are many, and often lead to frustration and no results. There are many problems, such as, getting off track, little or no participation, running out of time, disruptions, little or no buy-in, and many more. A productive meeting is something that all participants want to be a part of, and a good facilitator can make that happen.

Milestone’s experienced meeting facilitators can help your company take your meetings to a higher level. We can train key people in your organization to be internal facilitators who can lead regular meetings, such as project teams, staff groups, task forces, committees, department heads, etc. For more important meetings that have significant impact on the company, such as strategic planning or management retreats, we will design and facilitate the meeting to accomplish your desired outcomes.

Here is what we can do for your company:Meeting facilitation from milestone consulting group

  • Build trust and team collaboration
  • Alignment with the vision of the company
  • Create an open forum for creative ideas
  • Communicate change as good for the company
  • Walk your team through the steps to achieving group synergy

“This is one of the best strategy meetings I have ever been a part of.”
— Shangri-La Hotel, Department Manager